Top Albums of 2014

Another student recommended I listen to CombiChrist today.
Here is Combichrist as referenced by Avid Audiophile. Also, I share because I did not know that Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) has a solo album out. Here’s to learning new things, Avid Audiophile’s top albums of 2014:

Edit: this album by Mr Kitty turned out to be great background study sound. I wouldn’t put it in my top albums list… but a happy find, for sure.

Adventures of an Avid Audiophile

2014 is drawing to a close so I decided to compile my favourite albums of this year. This year I sure have been listening to more industrial… In no particular order .

All tracks belong to the artists and their respective labels. I own nothing.


Mr. Kitty – TIME

I fell in love with Mr. Kitty’s music shortly before seeing him at InFest in the UK. His music is hauntingly beautiful. The delicate balance of synth sounds and quite dark lyrics make him a favourite for rainy fall nights with a glass of wine.

Mr. Kitty – After Dark


The Gothsicles – Squid Icarus

Only after pledging to their Kickstarter did I realize what a great decision I had made. Described as “Lovecraftian geek culture dance party,” I couldn’t have possibly said it better!

The Gothsicles – Drop Dead Squid Face


Voltaire – Raised by Bats

Another self-funded project I am…

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